No refunds, partial or otherwise, will be given for any membership, clinic, seminar or rating session that is more than 30 days after the initial transaction. Refunds due to extenuating circumstances will be considered on a case to case basis.

Some examples of refund requests include; registering in the wrong Region, taking out the wrong type of membership, or registering under an incorrect name are all types of registration issues that may be refunded. In all cases, Great Lakes Region is charged with a credit card fee and a per item fee for both the initial transaction and the refund. The above registration issues are some examples but they are not exclusive to all types of incorrect registration.

Refunds within 30 days of the initial transaction:

If the transaction is between $10-$20 Processing fee will be $2.00
If the transaction is between $21-$50 Processing fee will be $3.00
Any transaction over $51 Processing fee will be $5
Background screens, once submitted for processing, cannot be refunded.

Entry Fees:
• Windy City Power League
• Great Lakes Qualifier Series
No refunds will be issued for entry fees if the request is made after the posted tournament closing date in AES. Please note the closing date published in AES before you register in any tournament.

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