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Here are some other resources and guidelines:

P is for praising, which your child needs often.
A is for accepting, so hard edges will soften.
R is for recognizing your child’s many talents.
E is for encouraging a good healthy balance.
N is for nurturing, to help your child grow.
T is for teaching, then letting go.
S is for smiling at the growth and the glow.

Positive Coaching Alliance: valuable resources for sports parenting
Parents Association for Youth Sports: education and membership program
YESports: a mastery approach to parenting in sports
USAV Parent Resources: helpful resources on parenting in the volleyball world
NCAA.org: information on college rules and regulations
What Parents Should Say: some guidelines on what parents should say as their children perform.
Positive relationships: The importance of a strong coach-athlete relationship
Education and sports: How the two go hand-in-hand to build a better community
Sports lingo: Terms that you may hear around our sport.
* Steroid Abuse: Understanding and preventing steroid use in sports