As a coach and member in the Great Lakes Region, you will have access to a number of coaching clinics and educational opportunities held year-round throughout the state and surrounding area. We host both outdoor and indoor clinics, along with clinics for coaches of all levels (beginning coaches through experienced coaches).

There are two different types of clinics: Region-Sanctioned (run by or through the Region) and Non-Sanctioned (not affiliated with the Region).


The IMPACT On-Demand course is available online. It is free for current members. All new coaches will receive an link in their email to the IMPACT On-Demand training when they purchase their membership at the beginning of the year.


These are coaching clinics not run through Great Lakes Region or USA Volleyball, but are being offered in the area and we wanted to get you the information.

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The Great Lakes Region has a partnership with The Art of Coaching Volleyball which provides a limited number of Great Lakes Region Coaches with a FREE Premium Membership ($100 value) to The Art of Coaching Volleyball website which includes numerous training videos, drills, coaches certification programs and more. Username/login information is shared at the beginning of the club season via email. Check with your club director or contact the Great Lakes Region Office for more information.

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The Great Lakes Region partnered with the AVCA since 2018 to offer free coaching materials to our members. Click Here for a link to all of the coaching education tips supplied by the AVCA.


IMPACT stands for Increased Mastery and Professional Application of Coaching Theory and is the minimum educational requirement to coach junior volleyball within Great Lakes Region/USAV.

All IMPACT materials can now be found online as “IMPACT OnDemand” in the USAV Academy

Please note that IMPACT must be completed before a coach can be placed on a roster and coach in competition.  

To complete IMPACT training, click here. (Membership required)



The USA Volleyball Coaching Accreditation Program (USAV-CAP) provides an opportunity for professional preparation and advancement for the volleyball coach. The curriculum addresses the essential topics for the volunteer to the internationally aspiring coach.

Each course level includes a special emphasis on building the foundation and creation of a well-prepared coach. This knowledge, coupled with hands-on coaching experience, creates an ideal learning experience. USAV-CAP has been helping coaches further their coaching education since 1998. In that time, more than 35,000 coaches have taken USAV-CAP courses across the United States. We expect the USAV-CAP experience to be great for you and your community.