Welcome all returning Officials to the Great Lakes Region. This page will help you re-certify as an Official in the Great Lakes Region Volleyball Association.

All Great Lakes Region Officials must be members of USA Volleyball through the Region and (if 18 years old or older) successfully pass a background screen administered during the registration process. Failure to do so will prohibit Officials from working junior tournaments. All Great Lakes Region Officials must agree to abide by the Great Lakes Region Code of Conduct for Officials.


A Provisional Referee has demonstrated and successfully applied volleyball rules and refereeing mechanics. This is a developmental level but can be permanent if an individual is unable to advance further or does not desire to advance further. Provisional Referees are assigned to matches appropriate to their skill level, generally girls 14U and below (with exceptions).

After serving a minimum of one year as a Provisional Referee, one may begin working toward their Regional certification. A Regional Referee may officiate any match at any age level within Great Lakes Region. A Regional Referee must have a working knowledge of volleyball rules and mechanics, have good reffing mechanics, be familiar with the USAV scoresheet, know how to transition to the R2 position, show awareness in rotational faults and show back row awareness.

A Junior National Referee is certified to officiate any and all USA Volleyball-sanctioned junior competition in any of the 40 regions of USA Volleyball. This includes all USA Volleyball Junior National Championships. While reffing at a USA Volleyball-sanctioned junior competition, a Junior National Referee is qualified to wear the official USA Volleyball Junior National Referee patch on their officials uniform.

A National Referee is eligible to work at all USA Volleyball-sanctioned competitions, including the USA Volleyball Junior National Championships and the USA Volleyball Adult Open National Championships. A National-certified referee may wear the official USA Volleyball National Referee patch on their Officials uniform at any USA-Volleyball.

Have questions about re-certifying as an official in the Great Lakes Region, contact greatlakesvolleyball@glrvb.com